Het Noordbrabants Museum. - Het Verbond

Interactive experience for Het Noordbrabants Museum.

Het Verbond inspires and educates students about the Teniers and Brueghel family. Het Verbond emphasizes the connections between you, your family, and your friends. The students learn to collaborate and learn more about artworks in an interactive way. Het Verbond creates an engaging, fun, and thoughtful experience for the user. Het Verbond is all about personal experience. Each student will leave the museum excited, inspired, and full of stories rich with emotion. Create connections with the people around you, the painters, and the artworks in this room. Become part of the Brueghel family. Experience it together!


  • User experience Design
  • App Design
  • Stakeholder Contact
  • User Involvement


Many high school students visit Het Noordbrabants Museum. These students are easily bored by paintings because of all the entertainment that is readily available to them. Although they easily have access to entertainment, it is important for their education to understand art. Therefore, this is the group that is focused on in this assignment.

The museum asked the Communication and Multimedia Design students to create a mobile interaction. The museum assigned a room to each group. The room ‘Teniers and Brueghel’ was assigned to project group G1. This room is a collection of beautiful paintings created by artists from the Brueghel family. It was decided to embrace the familial ties that make this specific room special. This feeling of connection was later translated into the concept Het Verbond. The class will be divided into five groups, each group represents a painter in the Teniers and Brueghel family. Ipads are given to the groups. The class transforms to one family when they begin to play Het Verbond. In each mini-game the students get questions about small elements in the painting. As a result, the students will submerge into the painting, thus be able to create their own story around it.